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Students can practice, review, or reinforce fractions concepts with this fun St. Patrick’s Day themed “Shamrock Fraction Frame.” The frames work as learning mats in many different formats so students can organize and conceptualize their fraction representations visually. They represent fractions four different ways. Put these into a dry-erase pocket for multiple uses! These can be used with whole group instruction, small groups, or centers. I used it as a collaborative interactive frame, where groups of four each complete one part of the shamrock and then rotate it through the rest of the group. They check the work of their peers once it returns to them. See my video attached for an example!


You can also find this my TPT Store: LodgesLearning


The depth and complexity prompt icons can be used in the frames, and one is already created for print-and-go ease of use.  Three fractions templates are provided, as well as a blank template so that you can customize each frame with specific fractions.  Product and printing tips provided! Enjoy!

Depth & Complexity Shamrock Fractions

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