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Full unit & ALL resources included! This is an engaging, reflective, and powerful way for students to stay motivated and positive! They pick one inspirational word to focus on for the year. Students start with a brainstorming outline, then they create a reflective writing piece. This project also includes directions and resources for adding a chalk art and video production component! I’ve included everything you need for this special project. Years 2024-2033 are included, and there are also editable files for you to use. 


You can also access this resource on TPT by clicking here. 


Here’s what’s included: 

  • Printable Version (PDF)

  • Digital Version (Google Slides)

  • Photo Examples

  • Product Recommendations

  • Brainstorm Pages

  • One Word Templates (2024-2033)

  • Blank One Word Template

  • Light Bulb Directed Drawing

  • Chalk Art Steps

  • Video Planning Checklist

  • Video Planning Outline

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One Word Writing & Art Project - Printable & Editable - Full Unit & ALL Resource

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