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This bundle includes modern, simplistic depth and complexity prompt icons and frames in many different formats: Printable, Digital, and Editable. These GATE tools can be used for all learners to develop and encourage higher-level thinking and learning. The frames work as learning mats in many different formats so students can organize and conceptualize their thinking visually. The prompt icons can be used in the frames, on an interactive whiteboard, on anchor charts, and as posters. Many sizing and printing options are included. Digital editable template provided so that you can customize each frame with specific prompts.  Product and printing tips provided! Enjoy!


Here’s what’s included: 

  • Printable Prompt Frame Versions (16 Pages) (PDF)

  • Digital Prompt Frame Editable Files

  • Printable Small Prompt Icons (11) (4 on a page)

  • Printable Full Size Prompt Icons (11) (8.5 x 11in.)

  • Full page resource describing each prompt

  • 32 pages of prompt Icon printable resources (PDF)

  • Photo Examples

  • Assembly & Print Directions

  • Product Recommendations

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Prompts of Depth & Complexity Frames & Icons - Printable & Digital & Editable -M

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