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Here’s a complete NGSS Bulletin Board set to inspire learners to think like a Biomimicry Engineer! Connect NGSS Science with Engineering in this interactive Bulletin Board display where student thinking is showcased! These resources extend the learning of concepts covered in the Amplify Science Unit: Environments & Survival. Students will “Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer” as they explore the adaptive traits of organisms, and use this knowledge to come up with a design inspired by nature.


**NOTE: This resource is only the Biomimicry Bulletin Board set. If you would like the FULL“Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer” framework and project, you can find that on the main listing page. 


  • Enrich and extend Next Generation Science concepts covered in the topics of “Inheritance & Traits” and “Environments & Survival” as well as Engineering, Literacy, and Critical Thinking skills. 

  • In-depth research will take learning to a higher level, and students will truly “Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer” as they explore, analyze, and reflect on the adaptive traits of organisms. 



Here’s what’s included:

  • Three Printable Full Page Biomimicry Posters

  • Full Color Posters

  • Grayscale (B&W) Posters

  • Student Graphic Organizers

  • Printable Bulletin Board Title & Letters

  • Word Wall Posters

  • Vocabulary Reference Sheet

  • Bulletin Board Ideas & Examples

  • Assembly & Print Directions

  • Product Recommendations


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Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer: Bulletin Board & Focus Wall

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