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Connect NGSS Science with Engineering in this interactive Depth & Complexity Thinking Frame and interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning extension lesson! These resources extend the learning of concepts covered in the Amplify Science Unit: Environments & Survival. Students will “Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer” as they explore the adaptive traits of organisms, and use this knowledge to create their own design inspired by nature. There is also a robotics component you can incorporate into the lesson. GATE standards and practices are woven throughout the lessons, and can be used by ALL learners.


You can also access this resource on TPT by clicking here


Full lesson plans, resources, printables, digital teaching slides, and bulletin board/focus wall materials are included! These activities are broken down into 4 lessons. A full project outline is provided, however you can use the materials and activities in any way that works with your schedule. 


**Want the FULL Depth & Complexity bundle with all the resources I have created? Check it out here!


  • Enrich and extend Next Generation Science concepts covered in the topics of “Inheritance & Traits” and “Environments & Survival” as well as Engineering, Literacy, and Critical Thinking skills. 

  • In-depth lessons and hands-on activities will take learning to a higher level, and students will truly “Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer” as they explore, analyze, and create something with their new science and engineering knowledge. 

  • Included are no prep activities and worksheets, lesson plans, materials to build background knowledge, digital slides, and so much more! You can use my lesson guides, or you can tailor the materials to fit the needs of your learners.


Here’s what’s included:

  • Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer Frame Resources

  • Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer Student Reference Pages

  • Think Like a Biomimicry Frame

  • “Embracing Nature’s Wisdom” Handout

  • Brainstorming Graphic Organizers

  • “Looking Closer” Worksheet

  • Engineering Planning Sheets

  • Vocabulary Page & Posters

  • Teaching Presentation Slides

  • Focus Wall/ Bulletin Materials

  • Enrichment Materials

  • Digital Teaching Slides

  • Photo Examples... AND MORE!


This full cross-curricular project incorporates phenomena, crosscutting concepts, interdisciplinary study, and engaging content contained in the Disciplinary Core Ideas in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Students will have the opportunity to learn, apply, and extend science and art skills. 


This is an interdisciplinary lesson which means you will be combining multiple skills across  multiple subjects, so you are actually SAVING time! Plus, it is much more engaging for students!


Here are the skills this project will cover:

  • NGSS Science Standards

  • Writing/ ELA Standards

  • Reading Skills

  • Robotics / Computer Science

  • Engineering

  • Geometry 

  • Critical Thinking

Think Like a Biomimicry Engineer: Thinking Frame & Activities

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