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Here’s everything you need to facilitate a Rube Goldberg Machine project-based learning unit! This NGSS (Force & Motion) aligned comprehensive resource takes students through the engineering design process of creating a Rube Goldberg contraption from start to finish. The Depth & Complexity framework sparks higher-level thinking and enrichment. Students will truly “Think Like Rube Goldberg” as they explore simple machines, chain reactions, engineering, and physics. 


This is a cross-curricular unit, bringing Science, Engineering, and History to life with hands-on engaging lessons and materials. Students will learn about the history of Rube Goldberg, Rube Goldberg competitions, the Engineering Design Process, the science behind Simple Machines, Force, and Motion. 


Full lesson plans, resources, printables, digital teaching slides, and bulletin board/focus wall materials are included! These activities are broken down into 4 lessons. A full project outline is provided, however you can use the materials and activities in any way that works with your schedule.

Think Like Rube Goldberg Project

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