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Free K-6 Math Websites & Apps for Fluency Practice & Enrichment

Here is a compilation of free K-6 Math websites and apps to help students with math fluency, practice, and enrichment. This list will be continually growing, so be sure to bookmark this page, and check in regularly! The resources are organized into two categories:

Free K-6 Math Websites & Apps that Promote Critical Thinking & Free K-6 Virtual Math Tools  

Grab your own Free Math Resources Spreadsheet for easy reference! You will find all of these resources organized into an easy-to-use table with links and resource info. 

Free K-6 Math Websites & Apps that Promote Critical Thinking

These resources are perfect for a math warm-up, or a short 10-15 minute block of time during math instruction or math centers. Use these resources with hands-on math tools to enrich visual and conceptual understanding.

Benefits Include:

  • Number Sense Routines

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Positive Learning Community

  • Student Agency

  • Deepen Understanding of Operations

  • Mathematical Fluency

  • Mathematical Enrichment

  • Mathematical Discourse

Thought-provoking puzzles that promote multiple perspectives and mathematical reasoning

Math Tasks (Kyle Webb)

A large collection of an assortment of 3-Act Math Tasks for all grade levels

Steve Wyborney: Splat & Esti-Mysteries

Activities that promote number sense, estimation, and critical thinking

3-Act Tasks are divided by grade level and standards

A variety of images are available to inspire math tasks

Kristen Acosta 3-Act Tasks

3-Act Tasks are divided by grade level and standards

Math Before Bed - Math Prompts

Numerous tasks that support various math standards

Math Tasks that promote thoughtful mathematical justification

A collection of challenging math task video challenges

Open Middle Website

Math problems with multiple ways to approach and solve the problem

Free K-6 Virtual Math Tools

An assortment of virtual math manipulatives to help students grasp abstract concepts through modeling

Free math apps based on visual math models and manipulatives

Visual math prompts that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and PLAY

A wide assortment of virtual math manipulatives and math games

Math Games, Logic Puzzles, and “Brain Workouts”

A variety of virtual math manipulatives and math tools

Math Bingo (ABCYA)

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Virtual Bingo Game

Use estimation to guess how many marbles are in the virtual jar in leveled games


If you know of other excellent math resources, please share them with us at so that we can add them to our collection!

We hope your young mathematicians become excited about math through these various websites and apps, while also gaining valuable critical thinking, number sense, and mathematical reasoning skills.

Don't forget to grab the Free Math Websites & Apps Spreadsheet formatted in an easy-to-use spreadsheet with links and info!

Looking for a Math Enrichment Project? Check out this hands-on Market Day Project!

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